Video-based Reflection System on Micro Teaching


Title: The effectiveness of iCRT Video-based Reflection System on Pre-service Teachers’ Micro Teaching Practice Focusing on Meaningful Learning with ICT

Authors: Ratumbuisang, K.F., Wu, Y.T., Surjono, H.D.

Publication: IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1140 (2018) 012018 doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1140/1/012018 indexed by Scopus.

Abstract: This study tried to analyze the pre-service teacher performance in teaching practice while joining the teacher education program using developed system called i-Critical Reflection on Teaching (iCRT) video-based reflection and using traditional way which is paper-based reflection. The objects of this research are sixty pre-service teachers in Manado State University, Faculty of engineering, department education of information communication and technology who are in the third year of the teacher education program which divided in two groups, video-based (VB) reflection (experiment group) and paper-based (PB) reflection (control group) with 30 participants in each group. Quasi-experiment method was used in this study. Totally, 60 pre-service teacher. The VB-Reflection group was used iCRT reflection system and paper-based reflection used by PB-Reflection group. The result show that, there were significant differences between these two group in terms of how they doing the reflection (Self-Reflection, Peer-Reflection and Meta-Reflection) from round one to round three using meaningful learning with ICT framework. This finding indicated that pre-service teacher in video-based reflection group contribute more reflection than pre-service teacher in paper-based reflection. In addition, the analysis result of pre-service teacher teaching practice performance from self-reflection during round 1, round 2 and round 3, there were extremely positive changes showed in VB-Reflection group as well as those in paper-based reflection group with small changes. It also noticed that peer responses helped to encourage the growing awareness of teacher to change themselves in classroom teaching to be better. Therefore, it strongly recommends that the iCRT system use in teacher education program especially in micro teaching course to enhance the quantity and quality of reflection in order to produce qualified prospective teachers who are ready to face the real situation of teaching.


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