Thematic learning books based on gender and diversity


Title: Development of teacher and student thematic learning books based on gender and diversity for elementary school students in district of Aceh barat

Authors: Mardhatillah, Sari, S.M., Surjono, H., Muhtadi, A.

Publication: International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research 8 (10), pp.896 indexed by Scopus.


This study aims to produce teacher books and student books to determine the feasibility of the validation results of learning model expert. This research is a research and development, which consists of (1) research and data collection, (2) planning, (3) development of drafts product, (4) expert validation, (5) revision based on experts, (6) limited trials, (7) improvements to the product of limited trials, (8) field trials, (9) improvements of the final product, and (10) product dissemination. The experimental subjects in this study were students of fourth grade in Public Elementary School in Barat Aceh. The results of the study show that: a teacher and student book has been produced based on gender and diversity that is feasible to be applied in elementary schools in Aceh Barat with several revisions. Validation results obtained are 68% with a high category and the interval is 61% to 80%. Thus it can be concluded that the developed teacher and student textbooks are suitable for use in elementary schools.


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