Mobile Dictionary with Input-Output Google Voice


Title: Developing Bima-Indonesia Mobile Dictionary with Input-Output Google Voice Feature

Authors: Muslimin, I., Surjono, H.D.

Publication: IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1140 (2018) 012044 doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1140/1/012044, indexed by Scopus.

Abstract: In the 21st century is the starting point of technological developments, such as tablets, internet, and smartphones, there are many innovative ways to learn Bima culture and language. For example, by utilizing technology to package it in the form of unlimited mobile applications by space and time whenever and wherever. Certainly good for researchers and users as a motivation to love and preserve more culture. Therefore, this paper presents a pilot study and aims to develop the Bima-Indonesian language dictionary application. This list uses google voice as content in the application, and researchers design vocabulary 15.53 for use in the Bima language dictionary. In addition, a questionnaire was used to gather user opinions about the appropriateness of the application. During this pilot study and with the use of cellular applications, it is expected to answer the problems that occur. This research resulted in the Bima-indonesia language dictionary application Input-Output Voice Text Based on Android whose output is in the form of extension. apk then the product produced is considered very feasible based on the assessment of media experts and expert experts with very appropriate categorical content then based on beta testing by users with a result of 4.5.


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