Instructional Practice Using Video-based Reflection System


Title: Improving Novice Teachers’ Instructional Practice Using Technology Supported Video-based Reflection System: The Role of Novice Teachers’ Beliefs

Authors: Ardisa, P., Wu, Y.T., Surjono, H.D.

Abstract: The use of technology supported video-based reflection has become an essential tool for teacher education. This present study seeks to investigate the effect of video-based reflection to the novice teacher conception of teaching belief and the nature of the novice teacher comments on i-Critical reflection on teaching system. Particularly, this research employed qualitative method with a case study approach. By using purposive sampling, there are fifty-third years of chemistry education students who have registered for microteaching course were selected. A mixed-type data analysis approach used in this present study, the data collected is quantitative and qualitative data. The main findings indicated that novice teachers positively changed their conception of teaching belief. The results of data analysis were six major themes related to the nature of comments provided by novice teachers through the iCRT system; classroom management, teacher feedback, teacher Student Interaction, teaching assignment, teaching design, teaching skill.


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